Are You Using Deamon Tools? They Know What Images You’re Mounting

Whenever you like it or not, the list of your images is saved in the producer database, even if you don’t agree for sharing this kind of information.

Daemon Tools is unquestionably one of the most popular tools for CD / DVD image files. One of its feature – MountSpace service is responsible for collecting statistics. What is interesting, selecting “don’t allow (..)” doesn’t change anything and data is sent to the manufacturer anyway. Problem was found by¬†Rafael Rivera, author of Within Windows blog.

The information sent to the Daemon Tools server are data such as IP address, the name of the ISO image, the history of installed files and who knows what else.. . Hard to say what happens with this data. MountSpace do not have any rules relating to the privacy policy.

There is a solution to stop it – by bloking in the firewall 2 MountSpace server IP addresses: and 212,117,185,149.

Daemon Tools developer didn’t release any statement about this issue so far.

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