how to use gmail

If you are receiving a lots of e-mails daily, you are surely facing problems whith organizing your work. Here are some tips that you may find helpful.

Don`t check inbox time and again

Determine period of time you check your e-mail, for example once every hour. In this way you’ll be able to answer e-mails and receive the new ones instantly. Immediately delete those that don’t need an answer – this way you’ll prevent cluttering your inbox.

Take your e-mail with you

Smartphones and tablets allow you to check your e-mails on your way to and back from work. Therewith you won’t need to do this at work. If you travel using public means, you will also make this time more pleasant.

Use mail as an organizer

Gmail works great as an organizer. If while finishing your workday you have mails pending to be taken care of the following day, send them to your Gmail account, so in the morning you will answer them in proper order.

Synchronize your account

If you use several accounts, it is worthy synchronizing them. This will save your time that you would spend checking each of them. Programs like Gmail allow you to redirect mails from other accounts. If you use mails on the website, then you will be able to access mails from all your accounts with one login.


You can find quickly the mail you need by typing name of the sender, a phrase from the title or the content into the searchbox. You can also set advanced parameters like searching mails with attachments only.

Filter yor messages

Like the above – filtering your messages allows you to obtain a list of mails with defined parameters, like all that have been sent by one person. You can also set automatic removal

of all messages from certain address, which comes handy if you face constant spam received from the same account.

You can also set priority e-mails, defining its sender or keywords. They will become highlighted so you will be sure you’ll not miss any important information.

There’s nothing worse than putting your mails aside for later reading. They accumulate and later on you have to spend a lot of time replying to all of them. Try to answer every message as soon as possible. Keep in mind, that with integrating Gmail and Google+ you automatically receive all the information about any news that belong to your interests.