Using secure powerful passwords is a critical part of protecting your online privacy. Many users find it hard to remember with lots of different and strong passwords. No worries, there are plenty of ways to do so.

Using Password Generators:

  Password Generators are software which randomly crafts a really secure password for you. Of course, this will be hard to remember, but you can always write those passwords down somewhere. Saving such crucial information in physical layer (e.g a paper), is not always insecure. If for instance, someone writes down their passwords in a hidden paper inside their house, which is hard to be found, then this is way more safe than storing your passwords in a .txt file on your smartphone or computer. Of course, you could try saving them in an encrypted file/struct, like a Database or an Excel file. By this way, you would only have to remember the passphrase that you have used to encrypt the file, which of course has to be powerful.

Usb Password Generators:

  Usb Password Generators are usb storage disks, which take the responsibility to remember your passwords, help you login into your accounts and keep those passwords safe. You just have to install their software, setup your services and passwords and you should be ready to go. This is a fine way, if you are willing spending some extra bucks.

Using your own crafted strong Passwords:

  This way is my favorite one. No one can steal information from your brain – at least not nowadays. In the above cases, your data could be stolen or lost somehow one day. This technique is an old school technique but the most powerful one. Being able to create 100% secure passwords, but still remember all of them is great for your online security.