Cloud computing, the processing of files in the cloud, is – in simple words – Virtual Disk space where you keep your files like on your computer. The advantage of this technology is simple: your photos, movies and favorite music is available for you regardless of which computer you’re currently using.

To pay or not to pay

  For the majority of people using the e-drives, the most important is financial aspect of the offer and the space available free of charge. If you decide to pay for disk space, you should choose the best deal. Subscriptions usually are settled once a year. The Google Drive works only for monthly fee, while Dropbox, Mega and Bitcasa offers a choice of payment cycle: monthly or annually. It would seem that storing data in the cloud, technology which is still quite new and very popular, must cost a lot. It turns out that it’s not always truth.


  The table below could be a little bit misleading at a first look, because it suggests that MEGA has currently the best offer. In terms of disk space and a cost per GB – it’s truth, but let’s not forget about compatibility and functionality though. Disks in the cloud offers two options to archive data: upload files directly from the browser window, or sync a folder on your computer with a virtual memory. Mega gives you access by browser interface only (for now). Dropbox offers is compatible with the largest number of systems: it supports computers with Windows, OS X and Linux. Google,Bitcasa and SkyDrive work only with Windows and OS X. Cloud technologies also find use on mobile devices: smartphones and tablets.

cloud drives comparison table

  There are also some other extra functionalities, which are hard to compare. Google Drive and SkyDrive ,for instance, allow joint editing of documents located on a virtual server and iCloud installs applications simultaneously on all compatible devices, which makes it perfect for Apple users. The choice is up to you. I hope the table will make it easier for you.